Author: Andre Beukes LLM

The European Court of Justice decide on two cases of employees that were dismissed for wearing an Islamic headscarf

EU Labour Law Cases Both cases concern Muslim women employees who work(ed) in private companies. In the first case, Ms Achbita worked already for three years for the Belgian branch …

Dutch Labour Law: Termination of employment of an employee of pensionable age

The employer is not required to pay any transitional compensation (Article 7:673 paragraph 7 sub b Dutch Civil Code) if the employee reached pensionable age.

Dutch Labour Law for Managers: Transitional Allowance, Dismissed Employees

The judge found in the Dutch Labour Law case that the employer misinterpreted the stipulations of Section 7:673 subsection 1 of the Dutch Civil Code. The article stipulates that the employment relation must have lasted at least 24 moths and that the employer is entitled to a transitional allowance.

Cost of buying citizenship :

There is a clear difference between having citizenship in a country and being a resident, notes James Bowling, CEO of immigration consultants Monarch&Co. “By achieving permanent residency, the person is …

Top 10 Issues to Consider When Posting Workers in France #businessineurope

Littler Mendelson PC – Nicolas Chavrier and Léonie Chabaud “Posting of workers,” a common practice within the European Union, refers to the assignment of an employee to work in another …

Managing chronically ill employees in the Netherlands

According to a research by the Dutch platform for chronically ill employees, “fit for work”, one out of three employees in the Netherlands has a chronic illness such as asthma, …

Termination of the employment agreement of an expat

by Eva Knipschild Since 1 July 2015 it is necessary to substantiate one of limited dismissal grounds for the termination of an employment agreement. An expat usually has an employment …

Dutch Labour Law: The dismissal of an employee that e-mailed confidential company information

Summary of Dutch Labour Law case    The employee was informed by his employer that his service will be terminated with immediate effect with a favourable compensation package. Before the …

Despite strong rand, SA companies head for the exit door – Moneyweb #businessineurope

The rand might have been one of the world’s strongest currencies last year, but that has not slowed the rush by South African capital for the exit door. Nothing captures …

New rules and benefits: what changes in 2017? –

New rules and benefits: what changes in 2017?

The EU Commission killed off Britain’s hope for separate post-Brexit – #businessineurope

LONDON – The president of the European Commission killed off any hope Britain has of sealing separate bilateral deals with other European countries while it negotiates the terms of its exit from the European Union.

One in five startups is planning to set up in Europe because of Brexit – #businessineurope

One in five startups is planning to set up in another county in Europe because of Brexit, but the majority intend to keep their headquarters in the UK, new figures reveal.

21% of British startups plan to open a European office due to Brexit – #businessineurope

One in every five UK startups intends to open a European office due to Brexit, according to survey results published Tuesday by Silicon Valley Bank.

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