Critical HR and labour law terms

Critical English HR and Labour Law terms for managers in the Netherlands


  • Bridge WW / Asscher bridge
    • The Employment bridge is named after the Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Asscher that agreed to this concession with the acceptance of the new Dutch Labour Relations legislation.
    • This procedure will assist the unemployed to be employed a sector where there is a labour shortage even if the unemployed does not has the requires skills,
    • With the procedure the unemployed can receive retraining without losing their unemployment benefits,
    • This procedure will also be applicable for retrenched workers,
    • When an unemployed person is employed at a new employer where the person must receive retraining, he/she will receive unemployment benefits for the time that they receive training. The employer will only remunerate the employee for hours worked. This will motivate employers to employ workers that must receive retraining.
  • Reintegration
    • In the Netherlands, reintegration is the main objective of the procedure during sickness (if possible). In case of long-term disability, specific rules apply. The sickness should be reported to the company doctor, who will qualify and monitor the incapacity of the employee. The employer should draft an action plan together with the employee on how to proceed, and there should be a periodic meeting with the company doctor to evaluate the status of the employee’s disability to work. In some cases it could be that the employee is fit for work for a certain percentage, this should be coordinated by the company doctor and the employer should do its utmost to provide the employee with suitable work. If no suitable work is available within the company of the employer, it can be expected that the employer funds and seeks for employment elsewhere and provides for outplacement. Source
  • Vaststellingsovereenkomst:
    • Settelement in an employment issue.
  • Wet verbetering poortwachter
    • The Eligibility for Permanent Incapacity Benefit (Restrictions) Act (Wet verbetering poortwachter) obliges you to take a number of steps within a certain period of time. You and your employee have to draw up a plan of action. You have to maintain a reintegration dossier which records all agreements and activities. This dossier also includes for example the plan of action, the reintegration report and correspondence with your working conditions service (arbodienst) or company doctor.