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15 Things Only People Who Work Overseas Can Understand

1. We do not automatically become fluent in another language A lot of people assume that changing your geographic location serves as a super-booster to your language learning skills. The …

Dutch Labour Law for Managers #6

The Grolsch case: snowball effect if employee conduct is not managed Click here to receive a weekly Dutch Labour Law newsletter. There is a lot to learn form the resent …

Dutch Labour Law: New provisions relating contractors without personnel approved

The First Chamber agreed, 26 January, on the new Act on the Deregulation Review of the Employment Relationship (Wet deregulering beoordeling arbeidsrelatie (DBA)), it will be implemented on 1 May …

Dutch Labour Law for Managers #5

Is the trepidation of employers about the new Dutch dismissal law an indication of ill-equipped managers?

Dutch labour law and demotion of employees

Demotion may seem an attractive solution for poorly performing employees. On 1 October 2013 the Court of Appeal in Den Bosch ruled on the acceptability of a demotion and its …

A highly sensitive person is both a blessing and a curse in the work place

Proposed changes to Dutch naturalisation laws in 2016

The Dutch Parliament is in the process of passing a legislative bill that seeks changes to the Dutch Citizenship Act. The proposed amendments include extending the terms for naturalisation from …

DUTCH LABOUR LAW FOR MANAGERS #4: Summary dismissal in terms of Dutch Labour Law

An employee can in terms of Dutch Labour Law be summarily dismissed in the instances of serious misconduct or incapacity.

DUTCH LABOUR LAW FOR MANAGERS #3 Impact of the proposed amendment of Dutch Labour Law concerning independent contracters

The Dutch government intent to amend the Dutch Labour Law provisions relating to independent contractors without personnel (ZZP).


Court decides that a parcel deliverer of PostNL is not an independent contractor. Dutch Labour Law

V&D: What does Dutch Labour Law say about insolvency and workers rights

The Bankruptcy of an employer is an unfortunate event for the employees. Due to the fact that the possible ending of an employment is based on economic considerations, it may mean that the employee may in the short term be without a job.

Summary dismissal of an Employee: Dutch Labour Law

What can dutch managers and HR managers learn from the recent Tokhein case? #dutchlabourlaw #summarydismissal

Amanda van Mulligen:4 Invisible Expat Challenges

Amanda van Mulligen When you choose to move abroad there are some changes and challenges that are blatantly obvious – right there ‘in your face’ obvious. Such as the natives …

Where will it leave EU workers if UK leaves the EU?

source How would the free movement of people change if the UK left the EU? Of great significance to many employers is the current right of EU citizens to freely …