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The elements of a modern EU Labour Market – Enrique Fernández-Macías

ENRIQUE FERNÁNDEZ-MACÍAS ENRIQUE FERNÁNDEZ-MACÍAS is of the opinion that a modern labour market agenda in Europe should try to boost job creation by following the high-road model of Nordic economies rather than the employment flexibilisation strategy that has been dominant in recent years. Such an agenda should also openly confront the socioeconomic divergence effect of the Economic and Monetary Union (EMU), by coordinating employment policies and fostering EU-level redistribution mechanisms. And it should initiate a serious debate about how to reorganise our socioeconomic systems if, as seems increasingly plausible, there is a generalised substitution of human labour by robots in a not so distant future.

DUTCH LABOUR LAW FOR MANAGERS #3 Impact of the proposed amendment of Dutch Labour Law concerning independent contracters

The Dutch government intent to amend the Dutch Labour Law provisions relating to independent contractors without personnel (ZZP).

Debt is not the problem in Greece but unemployment

Via startupdelta   StartupJuncture visited Greece this week to learn from Greek entrepreneurs about their current situation. We came to a surprisingly simple conclusion: Greece’s main problem is not debt but …

Your Work Clothes Matter — Even At Home – Business Insider

One of the most attractive things about working from home is the opportunity to wear whatever you want to the “office.” But while it’s tempting to snag an extra hour …

Flexible employment and decent work

Flexicurity and Decent Work Promoting the concept of decent work is one of the core functions of the International Labour Organation (ILO). The ILO believes strongly that work is a …