André Beukes

LLM (Universiteit van Tilburg)



International e-Publishing Consultant and International Labour Law Specialist

I enable authors to publish and market eBooks.

Contact me:

– To publish and promote eBooks and e-products internationally

– To facilitate the development of new eBook titles,

– For conversion of manuscripts to the ePub format (electronic eBook format),

– E- contend advise.

My experience includes to manage organizational change processes, strategic competence management, strategic employee relations, personnel selection, mediation and general personnel practices. I am experienced to act as a consultant, policy advisor and problem solver in demanding multi-cultural environments.

My studies in International and European Labour Law and International HR equipped me to manage Human Resource Management policies and principles, new tendencies and applications in the holistic practices and principles of an organisation with exceptional success.

I completed a LLM: International and European Labour Law degree with a distinction at the Tilburg University.


Manage Labour Relations Policy Designer and Advisor to Executive Management, Human Resource Planning, Development of Managers Recruitment,  Skills Development Facilitator, Performance Management, Mediation and Arbitration.


+31 61 341 5881 (cell)










andrebeukes on


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