Working in the Netherlands

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Working in the Netherlands

The latest information if you are considering moving to the Netherlands or are working for an international or Dutch company.

Foreign employees working temporarily in the Netherlands now subject to notification requirement

Information by Eric van Dam As from 1 March 2020, employers in countries other than the EEA and Switzerland who want their employees to work temporarily in the Netherlands will …

EU urges the UK to respect post-Brexit EU citizens’ rights

The EU is deeply concerned about the rights of EU citizens in the UK after Brexit. EU MEPs raised concerns after a senior UK minister suggested EU citizens could face …

Doing Business in Europe: Acquiring a business address in the Netherlands

When a company decides to enter the European market one of the first steps is to acquire a business address. Having a business address in the Netherlands if a company …

Dutch Labour Law for Managers

Dutch Labour Law is relatively complex and dynamic. International companies establishing Dutch subsidiaries are bound to Dutch Labour Law (as well as other laws of the Netherlands), which in 2015 has seen a number of important changes in areas such as trial-periodsnon-competition clauses and notifications of termination.

European Union (EU) Labour Law

European labour law regulates basic transnational standards of employment and partnership at work in the European Union and countries adhering to the European Convention on Human Rights.  In virtually all cases, the EU follows the principle that member states can always create rights more beneficial to workers.

Doing business in Europe

European Union is an economic zone larger than that of the USA and Japan combined with 500 million customers and it generates a GDP of about 16.2 trillion EURO (nominal) according to the International Monetary Fund. This makes it the largest economy in the world.


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