Working in the Netherlands

Working in the Netherlands

Employment bridge for V&D unemployed #asscherbridge #dutchlabourlaw

Deputy Prime Minister Asscher wants to make the new Employment bridge (Brug-WW) accessible for the retrenched employees of V&D.

This employment bridge procedure entails that when an unemployed person is employed at a new employer where the person must receive retraining, he/she will receive unemployment benefits for the time that they receive training. The employer will only remunerate the employee for hours worked. This will motivate employers to employ workers that must receive retraining.

Bridge (Brug) WW / Asscher (Brug) bridge

The Employment bridge is named after the Dutch Deputy Prime Minister Asscher that agreed to this concession with the acceptance of the new Dutch Labour Relations legislation.

This procedure will assist the unemployed to be employed in a sector where there is a labour shortage even if the unemployed does not has the requires skills.

With the procedure the unemployed can receive retraining without losing their unemployment benefits.

This procedure will also be applicable for retrenched workers.

Asscher acknowledge to NOS that it is going to be very difficult for the retrenched  V&D workers to get new employment because the other retail companies also have financial strains. The Employee insurance company (UWV) visited all the V&D places of work to inform the worker and a retraining budget will be made available. Asscher will with the  help of the employee organisations do his utmost best be support the retrenched people to be find new work.


Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

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