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Independent contractor

Dutch Labour Law: Minimum wage for independent contractors

  The Dutch House of Representatives agreed on 28 March 2017 that the Act on minimum wage and minimum holiday allowance (Wml) will also be made applicable to contracts between …

Dutch Labour Law: New provisions relating contractors without personnel approved

The First Chamber agreed, 26 January, on the new Act on the Deregulation Review of the Employment Relationship (Wet deregulering beoordeling arbeidsrelatie (DBA)), it will be implemented on 1 May …

DUTCH LABOUR LAW FOR MANAGERS #3 Impact of the proposed amendment of Dutch Labour Law concerning independent contracters

The Dutch government intent to amend the Dutch Labour Law provisions relating to independent contractors without personnel (ZZP).


Court decides that a parcel deliverer of PostNL is not an independent contractor. Dutch Labour Law

V&D: What does Dutch Labour Law say about insolvency and workers rights

The Bankruptcy of an employer is an unfortunate event for the employees. Due to the fact that the possible ending of an employment is based on economic considerations, it may mean that the employee may in the short term be without a job.