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Your Work Clothes Matter — Even At Home – Business Insider

One of the most attractive things about working from home is the opportunity to wear whatever you want to the “office.”

But while it’s tempting to snag an extra hour of sleep by simply rolling out of bed and turning on your computer, you could be making a mistake by working in your pajamas — even if no one is around to judge you for it.

In an article published by Inc. magazine, small-business advisor Marla Tabaka writes that taking a shower and wearing something respectable every day helps her feel more professional and take her work more seriously.

Indeed, there is at least one study that suggests dressing up can improve not only the way others perceive your skills, but the quality of the work itself.

via Your Work Clothes Matter — Even At Home – Business Insider.


Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

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