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Top Performers Never Work "For" A Company | LinkedIn

My answer: Top performers never see themselves as working “for” a company. They believe it’s better to work “with” a company.

Do you know the difference?

When we believe we work “for” a company, we give up control. They set the rules and we blindly follow them. They plan the future and we obediently execute the plan. They are the master and we are the ____(insert whatever you want). In short, we place a set of golden handcuffs on and silently suffer.

via Top Performers Never Work “For” A Company | LinkedIn.

Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

André Beukes is an EU Management Consultant to international companies doing business in Europe. He provides clients with practical business support that makes a real difference doing business in the EU. “Put simply, I am here to help you meet your challenges. I believe in the importance of doing things correctly, meaning risks are reduced and problems are avoided.”

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