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Improving public policy 3

Good governance is the essential mission of the public sector and effective policy management is a crucial component of good governance. An understanding of public policy is thus not only imperative for the continuous improvement of public sector governance, but it is also vital for day-to-day management. Improving public policy tackles integrating the functionally specialised agencies of government, business, labour and civil society into a holistic and efficient policy network to deal with the complexities of transformational leadership, optimal development and public services delivery in society. This significantly revised and expanded third edition links the theory and practice of public policy in a user-friendly way. It explains what public policy is and should be, why and how it is created, and how public policy content, processes, outputs and outcomes can be improved to promote good governance and achieve sustainable developmental goals in the information society of the 21st century. This new edition contains a number of practical generic templates for issue identification, policy problem definition, structuring and prioritisation, electronic policy-decision aids, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and policy training tools. It also includes extensive recent references to more advanced South African and international resources on these topics. Improving public policy is essential reading material for all students, researchers and practitioners in the field of public policy who require knowledge, insight and/or practical skills in this important field. All contributors are experienced public-policy educators, practitioners and evaluators. Fanie Cloete is Professor of Policy Management in the Department of Public Governance at the University of Johannesburg, an extraordinary professor at the School of Public Leadership at the University of Stellenbosch and the current chair of the SA Monitoring and Evaluation Association SAMEA. Christo de Coning is chief executive officer of the Elgin Learning Foundation ELF, a developmental NGO outside Grabouw, and an extraordinary professor at the School of Government, University of the Western Cape.

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Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

André Beukes is an EU Management Consultant to international companies doing business in Europe. He provides clients with practical business support that makes a real difference doing business in the EU. “Put simply, I am here to help you meet your challenges. I believe in the importance of doing things correctly, meaning risks are reduced and problems are avoided.”

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