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Improve Your Self-Published Book's Discoverability on Amazon | Self-Publishing Advice

Selling books on Amazon isn’t easy but improving your book’s discoverability will be a great help.

On Amazon, discoverability begins and ends with categories and keywords. These two things can help readers to find you more easily. I check my sales page every day and the first thing I look at is which categories my book is listed in, including bestseller lists.

Bestseller lists offer an even better chance of readers finding your work. My genre is science fiction and the categories I’m interested in include Dystopian, First Contact and Post-Apocalyptic. There are several more I can feature in, but it’s crucial that I’m in the ones that are appropriate to my level of sales.

via Improve Your Self-Published Book’s Discoverability on Amazon | Self-Publishing Advice.

Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

I am an International human resources consultant to multinational companies in international employment law and employee relations.

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