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HR must be strategic to be relevant

HR has played a significant part in the growth and survival of organizations in recent years and it now has a real opportunity to cement its position in steering the strategic direction of organizations,” London-based partner and head of the human resources group at Eversheds, Martin Warren, said.

“Economic, social and technological change puts HR at the forefront of organizational development, with HR holding many of the solutions to today’s business challenges.

“However, HR departments need to ensure they are tuned into the same frequency as other areas of the business if they are to fully realize their impact. Key to this is speaking the same language as other areas of the business.”

While talent management is a perfectly valid priority for an HR director, it doesn’t articulate the wider business objective it is supporting, Warren said.

“HR directors who discuss problems and opportunities in terms of financial implications and risk profile are more likely to have the ear of the rest of the business.”

Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

I am an International human resources consultant to multinational companies in international employment law and employee relations.

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