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eBoek oor die Suid-Afrikaanse geskiedenis deur Andrew Barlow

Die eBoek, “South African Illusions and Delusions”, is ‘n verhandeling van die Suid-Afrikaanse geskiedenis vanaf 1652 tot die huidige. Dit is nie ‘n relaas van die blote gebeure van daardie tyd nie maar ‘n ondersoek na die redes waarom selere gebeure plaasgevind het en die gevolge van daardie gebeure.

Hiermee ‘n uittreksel van Hoofsuk 10: The Period After 1902 uit die eBoek:

“It is interesting to note that Piet Joubert and his supporters – men like Koos de la Rey and Louis Botha – realised that friendly co-operative relations with the black people were essential for the future well-being of all the races. To again emphasize the point, if Piet Joubert had been the president of the South African Republic the history of this country, and to a material extent that of the world, would have been far different and better. He was astute enough to realise that armed conflict with Britain and with the black nations would have held no advantages for the Afrikaners and that the solution to the problems should have been sought along other routes.
Like the Afrikaners in the Cape Colony he would have built an ineradicable Afrikaner nationalism and identity within the British Empire – and Britain would have been powerless to prevent it. In fact the British Empire would have gained immeasurably there from. His efforts in this regard would have had the full cooperation of men like Rhodes and Gladstone. It is quite possible that at the crucial times, from a South African point of view, that men like Disraeli or Chamberlain would have been in power in Britain. Their views as stated earlier differed from those of men like Gladstone only in so far as the methods to extend and keep intact the British Empire are concerned. If the possibilities as outlined above had existed they would have had no cause whatsoever to object to or to interfere with South African affairs. A federation or confederation of all the territories in south, perhaps in southern Africa would then have been achieved – within the British Empire.”

Kliek op die afbeelding om die eBoek te koop!

South African Illusions and Delusions

South African Illusions and Delusions


Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

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