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How shy people can succeed in job interviews

Slow down and take pauses.

This strategy has two results: one, you’ll seem more powerful, and two, you’ll show that you’re giving the interaction the attention it requires.

These traits are key components of “presence,” or being attuned to and able to express your full potential.

Many people fear pauses because “we feel threatened, and if there’s a pause, it’s like there’s a hole and an opportunity for someone to get in there and take you down.”

Shy people rush through their answers. They’re afraid to ask questions. They certainly don’t pause. They truncate their answers.

Yet when you take your time to answer it shows that you’re taking the other person seriously.

When someone asks you a question don’t be afraid to pause before you answer it. Reflect; don’t jump right in.

In her new book, Cuddy says it’s incredibly important to overcome your fear of silence in conversation. When you stop talking, it may feel like you’re relinquishing power, but in reality you’re gaining power, partly because the other person knows they can trust you.

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Andre Beukes LLM

Andre Beukes LLM

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