Doing business in the EU

Internationalize your company. Need representation or administrative support for your business in the Netherlands or Belgium? Have access to your own office, business and postal address in Europe.

Assisting Companies and individuals doing business in the EU

Why expand your business to Europe?

Even for the smallest companies, global competition has become a reality and the ability to pursue opportunities in overseas markets is essential to long-term viability.

Interested in establishing a European office for your business?

We can make it possible!

Representation or administrative support in the European Union. 

Available Services:

  • Any personal, professional or business assistance that you may need in Europe,
  • Representation in the EU,
  • Reception or contact point for your European customers and business associates,
  • Mail handling,
  • Document storage,
  • Personal delivery of documents,
  • Courier services,
  • Access to a professional workplace with other entrepreneurs when you visit the Netherlands and Belgium,
  • Flexible office and meeting/conference solutions.

Partner voor zaken doen met Zuid-Afrika.

Zaken netwerk
Import / Export
Internationaal arbeidsrecht.


Please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

André Beukes

+31 (0)61 431 5881 (Netherlands)

“Opportunity is not always at an opportune time.”

Diane Hendricks

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