Working in the Netherlands

Termination of the Dutch employment contract

Article 671 Dutch Civil Code :

1. The Employer can only terminate the employment contract with the written consent of the employee unless:

  • Prior approval was granted in terms of Article 671a ( e.g. Approval for the dismissal from the Employee Insurance Agency (UWV),
  • If the termination is during the probation period of the employee,
  • Termination of the employment contract for a urgent reason , (article 677.1)
  • Where services were rendered to a household of natural person for less than four days a week,
  • The termination of a manager of a legal entity see Book 2 of the Dutch Civil Code,
  • If the employee was employed in a religious function,
  • The termination the contract of an employee working at a particular school or institution as defined in Article 1 of the primary education Act.

2. The employee can within 14 day withdraw the written consent as was mentioned in point 1 in writing without reasons.